• Rent and install propane tanks
  • Tanks from 25-1,000 gallons
  • Gas Appliance System Check
  • Fire places (HeatNGlo, Napoleon)
  • Propane Heaters (space or whole house)
  • On-Demand Water Heaters (Rinnai)
  • Gas appliance installations (Unique)
  • High efficiency L.P. furnaces
  • Other Indoor and Outdoor Products
  • RV Parts and accessories
  • RV and Vehicle propane fill station
  • RV Dump Station
  • RV Pull Thru from Pacific Highway or Washington Ave North

To you, good service may mean a full L.P. tank at all times, a driver who is willing to make deliveries after hours, or a courteous voice on the phone. Whatever your needs, we at Active Enterprises Propane want to provide them.

We not only take care of your propane delivery, we check lines inside the house, convert appliances, repair grills, repair heaters and much more.

You need a propane company that knows you and the community it serves. When you have a concern, question or need, you want a local company that will respond quickly. With Active Enterprises Propane you’ll benefit from the many advantages we offer as a full-service propane company. Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that makes a difference.

Active Enterprises Propane has been delivering propane since 1966. Since that time we have grown to service all of Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties. If you would like to start enjoying the benefits of using propane please call or email us today. All our contact information is listed in the contact section accessible via the link at the top of the page.

A thorough Gas Check takes only 30-60 minutes to perform, on the average. When the serviceman is done, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your system is operating safely and effectively.  Give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to give you a additional information on the program and to sign you up for your own GAS check.

Outdoor Products

As a propane dealer since 1966, Active Enterprises Propane carries some of the best outdoor products in the industry. Some of the more popular items are our gas grills. We carry different brands with many styles and prices to choose from. We also have torches, cylinders, valves and many other propane parts.

Parts and Accessories RV and Home

Active Enterprises Propane caries a large selection of parts and accessories for any application including hoses, torches, fittings, hotplates, and regulators.

Indoor Products

Active Enterprises Propane has been selling propane products since we first opened more than 45 years ago. Visit our showroom in our Long Beach store. We carry vented and unvented heaters in many different sizes. We also handle tankless hot water heaters, and more.

Call us at (360) 642 2102